by Chefop57。
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By にしみさん
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"how are you feeling sir?"

I reach into my pocket and present to you, a small transparent orb, with no words or further explanation.

You’re not alone anymore.


Why would you say “my penis in your butt” when you can say


NSFW Komaegi, DRAE verse

Pairing: Komaeda/Naegi

Rating: M

Description: Naegi comes to visit Komaeda one day, with a couple questions for him, and discovers a lot more about him than he’d originally intended to. NSFW, completely consensual.

Also on AO3!

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everything’s so funny when u use the wrong measurement:

  • 5 gallons of homework
  • mouthful of lint
  • 20 degrees of facial oil
  • 7 pints of china
  • handful of fergi
  • 60 mph of dad


lemme just change into my pajamas. the ol PJs. jammies. lil jammy jammers. jam jams. my sleeper slippers + hush bonnet. dream garb. slumber pumps. nightmare raiment. hypnic haltertop. gotta go for a snooze cruise w/ my sleep peeps  


madoka for su!! i think tumblr ate my message so i’m posting it

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